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Hello All!! Nurse Thea here!! Thank you ALL so much for the Love and Support you have shown Nurse Shanay and I. We are so excited to start Blogging!!  Our goal is to connect with our followers, build relationships with you and to discuss fun, interesting, like-minded health-care related posts.  As you sll may know @mypurposescrubshop is owned and operated by tw Registered Nurses with 10 years in the nursing game.

We started as CNA's (over 5 years a piece) and transitioned into the RN role.

We are both PRN nurses with myself new to ICU with experience in Cardiac Stepdown and Oncology/Hematology and Cardiac Stepdown/Med-Surg experience for Shanay. 

We Created #MyPurposeScrubs because we are Passionate about the Nursing Profession. It's just not "What we do" It's our calling and Our #Purpose! We recently transitioned to #MyPurposeScrubShop to become more of a community for all medical professionals.

We stand behind our brand because we are right there with you and we know what you need.

We are currently working to be a brand that offers all things medical and a resource for nurses, nursing students, and all healthcare professionals alike!

We are creating a space where you can easily ask questions, gain knowledge, and seek advice.

Tell US....What's your #PURPOSE? 


Stay tuned for weekly posts!!.

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